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More Rwandans Enjoying Sites that Once Mainly Attracted Foreign Tourists

Region: Rwanda

Topics: CultureTravel

Tourism accounted for 11 percent of Rwanda’s GDP in 2016, but many Rwandans continue to see tourism as reserved for foreigners. A government program, which aims to boost domestic tourism by offering Rwandans and East Africans discounted admission to tourist sites, encourages citizens to explore the internationally renowned attractions in their own country — and it seems to be working.

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Everest is Empty as Virus Shuts Down Global Tourism Industry

Region: Nepal

Topics: BusinessCoronavirusDevelopmentEconomyJobsTravel

Tourism officials had hoped to lure 2 million tourists to “Visit Nepal” this year, but coronavirus shutdowns have dashed those expensive plans. That’s a blow to the country’s budget. But it’s an even bigger hit for those who work in the shadow of the world’s tallest peak.

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Iztacalco Continues Joyous Century-Old Carnivals

Region: Mexico

Topics: Travel

Spring in Mexico City is a season of celebration. Neighborhoods in Iztacalco host individual carnivals each weekend from February through April. Though the origins of the festivities are unclear, participants have fun donning costumes - including ones thought to mock European attempts to govern Mexico back in the 1800s.

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