The Influencer Series

The Global Press Influencer Series leverages our feature journalism as a backdrop to convene conversations on underrepresented issues that foster idea-sharing to solve the world’s most pressing problems.

Each event includes approximately 100 influencers and experts who engage in interactive programming that includes:

  • museum-style exhibits featuring Global Press Journal stories
  • interactive experiences featuring original data-driven graphics
  • breakout sessions with experts and influencers
  • panel and key note conversations featuring international experts and Global Press reporters and editors
How does Global Press define “expert”?

How does Global Press define “expert”?

Possesses unique proximity to challenges and solutions
Has authoritative access to new and valuable information that is otherwise unavailable or hard to find
Offers nuanced analysis of pressing global problems based on first-hand experience

The Global Press-defined expert may lack prominence or brand affiliation to scale ideas and maximize solutions.

How does Global Press define an “influencer”?

How does Global Press define an “influencer”?

Works in a traditionally authoritative sector (government, media, academia)
Possesses the power, influence or resource to catalyze change

The Global Press influencer may lack first-hand experience with an issue, people or geography, which can prevent innovative, scalable solutions.

What will happen when experts and influencers come together?

What will happen when experts and influencers come together?

Often, people with the greatest proximity to an issue (experts) are most likely to develop solutions. And people with resources and platforms (influencers) are most likely to accelerate the pace of change. The Influencer Series convenes these two types of changemakers to create maximum impact.

April 26, Washington D.C.

Zimbabweans Take Action: Conflicts, choices amidst political and economic crises

Zimbabwe is at a critical inflection point — will the country’s new leadership effectively respond to the ongoing economic crises? Will they hold free, fair elections as promised?

The majority of news coverage from Zimbabwe is focused on the country’s most powerful political office — the presidency. As a result, global readers lack information about the context, communities and citizens who have a stake in the country’s future.

Global Press Journal’s Zimbabwe news bureau is home to 10 highly-trained, local reporters with proven expertise in consequence-driven economic reporting. Most importantly they have deep access to non-elite sources and local experts who are missing from mainstream narratives.

Hosted at the Newseum on April 26, this event will feature robust debate over Zimbabwe’s political and economic future. Participants will enjoy a hot breakfast by Wolfgang Puck Catering and engage with Global Press reporting through a museum-like exhibition.


Executive Director Charles Mutama, Zimbabwe Diaspora for Democracy Inc.

Zimbabwean author Wadzanai Mhute

Reporter Linda Mujuru at Global Press Journal Zimbabwe

Director of Mines to Market at Pact Cristina Villegas


BAFTA Award-winning journalist Paul Kenyon and author of Dictatorland – The Men Who Stole Africa

Global Press Enterprise Editor Krista Kapralos

Registration and breakfast – 8:30-9:00
Welcome remarks by the Newseum Institute – 9:00-9:15
SDG 8: Decent Work in Mining: Expert Conversation (Moderated by GPJ Enterprise Editor, Krista Kapralos) – 9:15-9:45
Exhibit break – 9:45-10:00
SDG 16: Strong Institutions, Expert Panel (Featuring GPJ reporter from Zimbabwe, Linda Mujuru) – 10:00-10:25
Closing remarks – 10:25-10:30
Networking: Influencers and Experts – 10:30-11:15


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Zimbabweans Take Action: Conflicts, choices amidst political and economic crises

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The SDGs, also known as the Global Goals, are a call to action to end all forms of poverty, fight inequalities and design strategies to foster economic growth around the world by 2030. GPJ reporters are uniquely suited to serve as watchdogs, tracking the progress of each SDG in their local communities.

The Influencer Series is dedicated to fostering greater awareness and understanding about the SDGs.